Is the future of successful betting?

If you are looking for more success from your betting investment, then could well be the solution you are looking for. With an approach to betting mirroring systems more commonly found in financial markets, Betadvisor is offering potential customers the opportunity to make the type of money from betting that most aspire to, but only a handful ever really achieve.

The idea itself is not entirely new. If betting on sports is a skill, then why make the predictions yourself when you can pay a proven professional to do it for you? After all, once the bet has been placed, you still get the thrill of the event itself. So far, so good, but what Betadvisor offers is the opportunity to select the type of professional you are looking for through a totally transparent statistical and data filtering platform where results are displayed through a number of different criteria, namely the sport,  country, league or competition, bet type (be it Asian Handicap, 1X2, total goals or any other of the markets typically offered by bookmakers) as well as the odds range preferred by a particular tipster. Ultimately, potential customers can view these statistics through the prism of results, displayed as profit (in units reflective of the original bankroll), yield and win rate.

How the Betadvisor subscription system works

Once interested parties have decided upon the tipster they wish to follow (and currently the site covers sports including football, basketball, tennis, horse racing, American football, baseball, ice hockey, rugby and volleyball), a subscription can be purchased which may range from 1 to 12 months. Once a tipster is being followed, selections (or tips) are sent directly to the customer via the option of his or her choice, namely though the platform itself (on desktop or mobile application), SMS or email. It is important to mention here that no betting is performed on behalf of the customer. Once a tip has been received, with detailed information of the reasons for the selection, the recommended odds (including ‘no bet under’), suggested stake and even bookmaker, everything is left in the hands of the customer.

Betting Tips & Free Tips

Further innovations include the Today’s Betting Tips feature, offering multitudes of single tipster selections for small prices, and a Free Tips service, which does exactly what it says on the tin. The site also offers a comprehensive livescore centre and blog , so it is much more than just a subscription marketplace, it is also a betting community hub.

Time to try Betadvisor?

So, if you are tired of losing money to the bookmakers, invest in the Betadvisor model, perhaps utilising the free tip service first, to start making the returns from your betting activities that you always hoped were possible, but never seemed to materialise.