What Makes A Great Professional Tipster?

Millions of people around the globe like to bet on sport but not everyone has what it takes to become an expert in their chosen field. Betting for your own pleasure is one thing, believing in your own ability to feel confident enough to advise people what they should bet on, is quite another. Let’s now take a look at what makes an expert “professional tipster.”


Knowledge is everything and if you want to be successful advising others on where to put their money, you have to have an in-depth knowledge in your specialist field. A professional tipster will have spent several years building up their own personal portfolio and will have sacrificed their own time and in most cases money, to perfect their knowledge within their chosen sport.


Analytical data needs to be meticulously compiled across all betting platforms to ensure that the client is receiving the best betting information available on the tipster’s selection. This will include a comprehensive study of all the online betting exchanges to find the best odds available for the event in question.


A vital part of a professional tipster’s make-up. Without putting in place a strategy, it is not possible to succeed in the world of betting. One thing is for certain however, a person can only become a professional betting expert after years of intense study into their chosen sport(s). Having a tried and trusted strategy to work with is the most important factor that needs to be put in place to become a successful tipster. To achieve the best strategy, professional tipsters will have experimented with different betting methods to arrive at the point of where they feel confident enough to pass their expertise on to their clients. A professional tipsters profile will always include an in-depth breakdown of their personal preferred strategy.


When a tipster has their strategy put in place, then the next step of the process is justifying their betting selection(s). In other words, if you cannot explain to a client how you have arrived at a particular selection, then you cannot justify that selection in the first place. When a client is paying a subscription fee for what they believe to be the best advice available, they expect their chosen tipster to be able to give an in-depth background into why they believe that to be the best selection for their client not just because they have a gut feeling; as a tipster once declared; “If I can’t justify my pick on paper, then I can’t justify making that choice.”
Of course as everyone knows, there is no such thing as a certainty in any form of betting, the difference between a professional tipster and someone who just likes to have the occasional flutter is that one has devoted great personal sacrifices to try to achieve the maximum result possible. We’ll leave you to guess which one of the two examples given, we are referring to.

Steve Mitchell (@barafundler)